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  • Applied Nutrition – Steel Shaker 750g Capacity

    NEW APPLIED NUTRITION STAINLESS STEEL SHAKER A PREMIUM STEEL SHAKER CUP The New Applied Nutrition stainless steel shaker is a strong reliable durable shaker for your protein shakes smoothies and drinks which can withstand prolonged use. A GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO YOUR PLASTIC SHAKER 3 GREAT COLOURS SILVER WHITE BLACK BOLD MATT DESIGN TOUGH FLIP OPEN […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Applied Nutrition Indulgence Bar (NEW FLAVOUR) BIRTHDAY CAKE Single Bar (50g)

    WHAT A TREAT! And it doesn’t even have to be your birthday. Following on from the hugely successful and amazingly delicious millionaire bite multi-layered style protein bar in the original flavours Indulgence Milk Chocolate Caramel Crisp & Hazelnut Caramel Crisp The Applied Nutrition team have taken a sweet smooth delicious white chocolate combined with layers […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – PUMP 3G Pre-Workout NEW (375g) 50 serves

    NEXT GENERATION PRE-WKT APPLIED NUTRITION 3G PUMP  Introducing the latest addition to the Applied Nutrition range PUMP 3G is available in STIMULANT & ZERO STIMULANT versions and has been developed to deliver Muscle Bursting Pump, Sharp Focus, Concentration & Extreme Strength. 5G CITRULINE, 3G AAKG 3G CREATINE 2G BETA-ALANINE 250MG L-THEANINE, 250MG L-TYROSINE 250MG TAURINE […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Protein Indulgence Bar Single Bar (50g) (NEW)

    Applied Nutrition Protein Indulgence Bar 50g YOUR GUILT FREE PROTEIN SNACK High Protein Low Sugar Bar MILLIONAIRE BITE STYLE PROTEIN TREAT DRIZZLED IN BELGIAN MILK CHOCOLATE WITH CARAMEL CRISP MULTI-LAYERED GUILT FREE  LIGHT CRISPY PROTEIN TREAT Delicious High Protein Bar Milk Choc Caramel Flavour Crisp Milk Chocolate with Sweeteners [Sweetener (Maltitol), Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – L’carnitine CLA Green Tea (100 Soft gels)

    APPLIED NUTRITION CLA, L-CARNITINE & GREEN TEA is a Antioxidant and body toner, a fast acting weight loss supplement & antioxidant that promotes a lean, toned physique. DIETARY SUPPLEMENT CLA, L-Carnitine & Green Tea is ideal for anyone looking to improve their body composition in conjuction with a balanced diet and regular exercise. A compound […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Lean ISO Diet Whey Protein (2kg) 80 servings

    DIET WHEY 2 kg (80 Servings) LEAN ISO WHEY BLEND Applied Nutrition’s Diet Whey is by far the most advanced weight management supplement available, combining all of the main ingredients which are currently known to contribute towards weight management including the EFSA (European Food Standard Agency) approved Konjac Glucomannan, together with a perfectly formulated Whey […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – ABE Applied Nutrition SHRED X (90caps)

    ALL BLACK EVERYTHING APPLIED NUTRITION SHRED X (ABE)   Shred X (ABE) – ALL BLACK EVERYTHING VEGGIE CAPSULES, FOOD SUPPLEMENT Shred X is a product ahead of the curve in innovation, providing a unique combination of trusted and popular ingredients to support a multiplicity of training goals. KEY BENEFITS Chromium: Contributes to Macronutrient Metabolism Total […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – ABE (All Black Everything) Ultimate Pre-Workout Gel (60g)

    FORMULATED BY EXPERTS TRUSTED BY ATHLETES  ABE ULTIMATE PRE WORKOUT GEL WARNING EXTREMELY POTENT ABE Ultimate Pre-Workout Gels delivers a unique blend of the most vital and researched active ingredients, known to reduce tiredness & fatigue and provide continual focus throughout your training, maximising your exercise performance. ABE (All Black Everything) Pre-Workout Gel ULTIMATE PRE-WORKOUT […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Applied Nutrition Critical Whey 2.27kg

    APPLIED NUTRITION CRITICAL WHEY Informed Sport Batch Tested For Athletes • WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE • WHEY ISO-XP • HYDROLYSED WHEY • Critical Whey Advanced Protein Blend is designed for everyone helping them recover and maximise their training goals. Critical Whey – Advanced Whey Protein Blend GLUTEN FREE & HALAL CERTIFIED Applied Nutrition’s Critical Whey Protein […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Applied Nutrition VEGAN PRO Plant Based High Protein Blend. 2.1kg (70 servings)

    VEGAN PRO 2.1 kg (70 Servings) PLANT BASED PROTEIN BLEND Vegan-Pro is the perfect Vegan Protein blend combining Soya Protein Isolate, Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein and Hemp Protein to deliver a premium quality. Food Supplement With Sweeteners Soya protein Pea protein Brown rice protein Hemp protein Description Vegan-Pro is the perfect Vegan Protein […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Applied Nutrition Flavo Drops (38ml)

    Flavo Drops 38ml ZERO CALORIES ZERO SUGAR 100% NATURAL FLAVOURING WITH SWEETENER Zero Calories, Carbohydrates & Sugar, Vegan Friendly, Halal Certified Product, 100% Natural Flavouring. Zero Calories, Carbohydrates & Sugar Vegan Friendly Halal Certified Product 100% Natural Flavouring INGREDIENTS Natural Flavouring, Deionised Water, Sweetener (Sucralose). Banana: Natural Colouring (Curcumin Extract E100) Blackcurrant: Natural Colouring (Beetroot […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Applied Nutrition 100% Miscellar Casein Protein (1.8kg) (60 servings)

    100% CASEIN – SLOW RELEASE PROTEIN 100% Casein Protein is vital to anybody wanting to refuel their muscles during sleep, when it is impractical to consume food or drink. Micellar Casein Protein 100% Casein – Slow Release Protein With Added Digestive Enzyme Blend Applied Nutrition’s 100% Casein Protein is vital to anybody wanting to refuel […]

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