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  • Barebells – Double Bite New Chocolate Crisp Protein Bar Single Bar 55g

    BAREBELLS NEW DOUBLE BITE  CHOCOLATE CRISP Imagine a smooth caramel centre surrounded by puffed soy crisps covered in milk chocolate. Some have a hard time believing that this bar is made without any added sugar and enriched with protein… but we kid you not! A rich and crispy cocoa core that meets a creamy layer […]

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  • Barebells – NEW Barebells Indulgence Protein Bars Vegan 55g Single Bar

    LET THE INDULGING BEGIN: NEW BAREBELLS VEGAN PROTEIN BARS: DELICIOUS FLAVOURS: WHAT IS BAREBELLS? Barbells is a functional food company launched in 2016 that offers a tasty range of protein-enriched snacks and alternatives to breakfast and desserts –  without compromising the flavor. Both the flavor and the design are influenced by the American fifties. Today, […]

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  • Barebells – Barebells Indulgence Protein Bar 55g Single Bar NEW

    The newest addition to the Barebells Protein Bar menu is the chocolate loaded treat, Chocolate Dough. An all-out chocolate flavor is actually something the brand has been sorely missing. While we thought the Christmas edition Xmas Fudge might have been the answer, that did not prove to be the case when we got our hands […]

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  • Barebells -Barebells New Crunchy Fudge Indulgence Protein Bar (55g)Single Bar

    YOUR NEW ADDICTION 100 % Barebellicious – available in nine incredible flavours. Barebells protein bars were born to wow your taste buds! All with no added sugar, 20 grams of protein and never compromising on flavour. You’re welcome! NEW CRUNCHY FUDGE Life’s too short not to enjoy the little things in life. Our Crunchy Fudge […]

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  • Barebells – Barebells Toffee CORE Indulgence Bar 40g

    BARBELLS LET THE INDULGING BEGIN    TOFFEE CORE BAR When you think your taste buds can’t get more satisfied – think again. Our Toffee Protein Core Bar is truly a sensation; imagine a buttery toffee, a milk chocolate cover and a perfect crisp to top it off. It’s all there, right in our new bar […]

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  • Barebells – Barebells Indulgence Protein Bar Blueberry Cake 55g New

    IBAREBELLS LET THE INDULGING BEGIN  VERY LIMITED STOCK Ever since we first tried the Barebells Protein Bar, it has been our number one rated protein bar on the planet. It comes with a relatively smooth doughy center, but it is the incredibly sweet filling and candy-bar like chocolate coating that puts the product well above […]

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  • Barebells – Barebells Protein Milkshake RTD 330ml

    LET THE INDULGING BEGIN BAREBELLS READY TO DRINK PROTEIN MILKSHAKES 24G OF PROTEIN DELICIOUS ON THE GO SHAKES 4 INDULGENT FLAVOURS  The Barebells Protein Milkshake is an incredibly delicious protein shake available in 3 flavours. They contain 24g protein and are lactose free and are completely free of added sugar! You’ve tried the Barebell’s Protein […]

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  • Barebells – Barebells Indulgence Protein Bar Single Bar (55g)

    Tired of eating bars that feel and taste like cardboard? In a blind taste test, this Caramel-Cashew protein bar won over the leading candy bars!  This bar is far too gooey and chocolaty to compare to anything but the most decadent of desserts; and yet it has 20g of protein! Staying fit has never been this delicious.

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