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  • Dedicated Nutrition -Dedicated NEW Crisp Bar Single Bar (55g)

    NEW DELICIOUS DEDICATED CRISP BARS IS IT HUNGER THAT IS DRIVING YOU? Hunger to become the best version of yourself? Hunger to beat the competition and to break records? Now that is a good type of hunger. But what about the type of hunger that makes you feel sluggish, weak and out of focus? That […]

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  • Dedicated Nutrition – UNBEATABLE Pre Workout (425g)

    UNBEATABLE is the ultimate product for athletes wanting brute force, raw strength, limitless performance, muscle building and record breaking endurance. The extra rep, last punch, few inches are all that separates the winners from the losers. UNBEATABLE is designed for those moments when taking second place just isn’t going to cut it. Within days of […]

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  • Dedicated Nutrition – Dedicated Performance VITAMINS/MINERALS PACK

    DEDICATED PACK Vitamins & minerals are not only needed for optimal health, they are essential for anyone looking to build muscle, lose fat, increase performance and overall health. DEDICATED PACK™ contains a complete range of nutrients supporting any athlete’s needs from all possible angles. DEDICATED PACK™ has got you covered, day and night. SPECS: 50 […]

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  • Dedicated Nutrition – Fusion Pro Whey Protein NEW (908g) 28 serves

    DEDICATED NUTRITION ULTIMATE PROTEIN MATRIX FUSION PRO NEW 908G POUCH Premium Protein Matrix Fusion Pro? is the ultimate 24/7 protein matrix for anyone looking to add additional protein to their diet. Consisting of the ideal blend of 50% Whey Protein for fast absorption and protein synthesis and 50% Casein for slow absorption and steady amino […]

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  • Dedicated Nutrition – GAINZ LEAN MUSCLE MASS 4kg

    Details Dedicated Gainz – 4kg Dedicated Gainz is the ultimate lean muscle building product on the planet. Designed for serious athletes only, Dedicated Gainz is the product for those that want to build serious muscle mass and increase recovery, not skinny kids looking for a cheap sugar gainer that’ll only make them fat. Dedicated Gainz […]

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  • Dedicated- DEDICATED PRE 210g (30 servings)

    Dedicated Pre is the ideal product for those looking to perform at their absolute best. Featuring proven ingredients in the highest effective dosage, PRE will help you push your training to the absolute maximum. Experience strength, pump, endurance, focus, drive and energy like you’ve not experienced before. DEDICATED PRE will allow you to give it […]

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  • DEDICATED- Fusion Pro 1.8kg Lean Muscle Protein

    Fusion Pro is a high protein powder shake with 24g of protein per serving, from whey and milk protein concentrate. Dedicated Fusion Pro Protein Powder – 1792g AMAZING FLAVOURS AMAZING TASTE Dedicated Fusion Pro is a premium protein matrix delivering 24 grams of quality protein per serving. Fusion Pro has been formulated with fast and […]

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      BCAA Sensation™ is the ultimate BCAA drink mix to fuel athletic performance during sporting activities. Research has shown that Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) play a critical role in muscle building metabolism. BCAA Sensation™ contains several groundbreaking additional ingredients included to support performance, endurance and muscle building. Each and every ingredient in BCAA Sensation […]

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