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  • PES SCIENCE SELECT – VEGAN PROTEIN (NEW) 918g (27 servings)

    Select Vegan uses a blend of two top quality sources of plant protein. We chose protein sources that have been clinically tested in humans for their effects on muscle building. And we stay away from weak estrogenic proteins like soy. Select Vegan Protein contains no fillers, no fluff, no label dressing. Taste the Quality | […]

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  • PEScience – PROLIFIC Pre-Workout 260g (40 serves)

    Experience the difference! PES Prolific has a unique formula based on cognitive, performance-driven, pump-packed, and energising components to deliver a newfound experience that never gets dull. Pumps | Performance | Energy † Multiple Cognitive Compounds † Two Forms of Caffeine 6000mg L-Citrulline Feel The Mind-Muscle Connection † Amazing Taste! Tingle Free Gluten Free | Vegan Experience The Difference […]

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  • PEScience SELECT – Select Whey/Casein Blend Protein 873g 27 serves

    PEScience Select Protein combines both whey and casein proteins from quality sources which gives you the added benefit of not only the quick digestion and absorption of whey, promoting immediate recovery but also the slower digesting casein, which continually supplies your muscles with amino acids, keeping them primed for muscle growth for longer. There are […]

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  • PEScience SELECT – Amini IV (375g) 30 serves

    PEScience Superb, new amino supplement 5g of EAA’s per serving Added co-factors to boost muscle building Ideal for any time of the day to boost muscle mass Reduce cortisol spike Enhance body composition Uses a high 8:1:1 BCAA ratio for extra muscle building benefits AMAZING FLAVOURS: PEScience Amino IV is the only true BCAA + […]

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  • PES – Select Protein Bar (Single Bar) 60g

    PESCIENCE SELECT PROTEIN BARS PEScience have spent over 2 years developing the Select Protein Bar formula. PES have spent over 2 years developing the Select Protein Bar formula, tweaking it until it reached our idea of perfection. These bars have zero protein aftertaste, the perfect balance of flavor, and a texture that will have you thinking […]

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