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  • Dedicated Nutrition – Dedicated Nutrition Yeah 350g 25 serves

    YEAH THE STRAIGHT UP FACTS YEAAH™ is the ultimate performance enhancing, recovery boosting, intra & post workout volumizing, muscle building, supplement on the planet. We didn’t go cheap with YEAAH™ as we added the absolute highest clinically proven dosages of fermented and 100% vegan BCAA’s and Essential Amino Acids. What’s even greater is that we’ve […]

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  • Grenade – Grenade Energy NEW 330ml

    NEW GRENADE ENERGY: In need of a natural caffeine kick? Grenade Energy® is a sugar free, flavour-filled, functional energy drink, packed with natural caffeine to give your day a much-needed boost. With a deliciously fruity flavour and added electrolytes, BCAAs and vitamins, Grenade Energy® is the perfect refreshment for busy days, whether you’re in need […]

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  • MuscleSport – MuscleSport Lean Whey New (908g) 2lb Tub

    MUSCLESPORT LEAN WHEY REVOLUTION NEW FAT METABOLISING WHEY PROTEIN 24g Quality Protein  No Added Sugars Amazing Taste  Great Flavours  The Lean Muscle matrix works synergistically to promote increases in your metabolic rate and support the burning of body fat by using it for energy, making Lean Whey the MVP (most valuable product) in the supplement [...]
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    New MUTANT PRO combines 3 different whey protein sources for rapid, delayed and extended phases of amino acid absorption. By time-releasing protein, MUTANT PRO is the supplement you need when you’re addicted to what all the hours in the gym transforms you into! New MUTANT PRO Gold Standard Quality. 100% Gourmet Taste. ALL NEW MUTANT® […]

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    NEW MUTANT PRO Gold Standard Quality. 100% Gourmet Taste. ALL NEW MUTANT® PRO is the most cutting-edge protein we’ve ever formulated! Each scoop contains 24 grams of time-released whey, 11.7 grams of EAAs, 5.5 grams of BCAAs and other growth factors needed to maximize performance when added to your diet and training. MUTANT PRO is […]

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  • Nano a – Nano a EAA 420g

    NEW NANO a EAA 3 AMAZING FLAVOURS Nano Standard of EAA’s Supplements This new ä supplement is named Nano EAAs, which is of course an Essential Amino Acids powered product featuring eight of the nine EAA’s. Essential amino acids are not produced naturally by the body, so they have to be obtained from the foods […]

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  • Nocco – Nocco Miami Flavour Miami Strawberry Single Can (330ml)

    New, fresh and with a dash of Miami vibes, please welcome our new limited summer edition – NOCCO Miami Strawberry. Caffeinated, carbonated and enriched with BCAAs, this is summer in a can. No matter where you are, Welcome to Miami! After only two years in the UK, we are thrilled to be launching our second […]

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  • Yummy Sports – Yummy Sports Honey Badger Pre Workout (New) 40 serves

    Yummy Sports Honey Badger is a fierce, complete Pre-Workout created to help you draw out your inner strength when it really matters! NEW YUMMY SPORTS HONEY BADGER PRE WORKOUT 40 SERVINGS Product Description High Quality Source Of Ingredients Experience true honey badger strength with this complete pre-workout. Designed for your hardcore sessions, this formula is […]

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  • Applied Nutrition – Critical Oats – Organic Protein Porridge Oats (Single Pot) 60g per serving

    Critical Oats Protein Porridge is the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack. Delivering a well balanced blend of 100% Organic Wholegrain Oats.

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  • Nocco – Nocco BCAA’s Single Can (330ml)

    Ready to drink for your convenience and with a helpful kick of caffeine, this carbonated BCAA boost is a perfect pick-me-up, any time of day!

    Due to its optimal proportions of BCAAs (8: 1: 1), the anti-catabolic properties of NOCCO are designed to reduce the rate of muscle breakdown after exercise and trigger protein synthesis.

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