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  • PhD – PhD Smart Bar (Box Of 12) 64g bars

    Smart Bar™ is available in a variety of delicious flavours including Caramel Crunch, Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry, Choc Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie. Each bar is filled with a delicious caramel layer, cocoa crispies and encased in a rich chocolate coating, making Smart Bar™ the perfect high protein snack.

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  • Quest Nutrition – Quest Protein Bar (Box Of 12)

    They said this protein bar couldn’t be made but we finally did it. It’s healthy food that makes no compromises. Just read our ingredients and you’ll see.

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  • The Protein Ball Co. – Protein Ball (x10)

    These high-protein snack packs from The Protein Ball Co. are designed to sustain you with slow-release energy, and are the perfect on-the-go snack or post-workout treat when your body needs a little something to keep it going. With six balls in each pack – giving you up to 9g of protein per pack – they’re a great way to keep your energy up between meals.

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